If 2020 is the year you plan to invest in the care and maintenance of your Kia, then you’re in the right place. Continue reading to find four resolutions for you and your car.

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Car

Plan regular tune-ups

Your car needs time, love, and attention to keep it running at peak performance for years to come. Tires, brake pads, filters, fluids, and spark plugs need to be checked and replaced on a regular basis. 


If you’re unsure of the recommended maintenance schedule for the make and model of your car, schedule a Kia service so we can make sure things are running smoothly and help you devise a game plan for future repairs. We regularly post new Kia service specials online, so be sure to take advantage of those when you come. 

Keep it clean

Dirt, salt, grease, and grime can take a toll on the paint and upholstery of your car. Without regular cleanings, the value of your car can actually depreciate over time. Make 2020 the year you make space in your cleaning schedule to regularly wash, wax, and vacuum out your car. 


Take advantage of a local car wash that offers unlimited washes for a low monthly fee. A clean car will not only extend the life of your car, but it will also make your daily commute that much fresher. 

Plan ahead for registration fees

If you regularly find yourself stressed when the registration renewal bill comes in the mail, then decide to take control early this year. Check the tag to see when your registration expires, and make a note in your planner or smartphone to schedule any necessary inspections or emissions testing one month prior to the deadline. That way, you won’t have to suffer stressful lapses in insurance coverage or pay expensive late fees if unexpected repairs need to take place.

Invest in a new Kia in Raleigh, NC

If your New Year’s resolution is to upgrade your ride, then get started today by visiting Fred Anderson Kia of Raleigh. We have plenty of new Kia cars for sale, and we are also a used car dealership in Raleigh, North Carolina. Step into the new year with a new Kia and see what possibilities await.