Our four-legged friends are very much members of our families. That’s why it’s only natural to want to ensure they are present for holiday celebrations.  However, packing up Fido and putting him in the car to go to Grandma’s house might be easier said than done. 


Take into consideration these pet-friendly travel tips so that your plans go as smoothly as possible.

On the Road With Your Pets: 5 Holiday Pointers

Consult with your vet

If you’ve never done it before, schedule a check-up before you decide to set off on the road with your pet, and make sure he is healthy and in good shape to travel. Make sure you tell your vet where you’re going, so they can prepare you with any necessary medications your pet might need either for on the road (i.e., car sickness or anxiety) or once you reach your destination.

Make sure your pet is restrained correctly in the car

There are a variety of harnesses and carrying cases for animals of different sizes and breeds.  Learn about what might work best for your pet — both for his comfort and safety.  Additionally, ensure that your pet is restrained in such a way where they are still able to lay or sit comfortably and have access to fresh water.

Prepare for a worst-case scenario

Winter driving can be rife with challenges, from the number of people on the roads to issues with inclement weather. Therefore, prepare your car for facing a worst-case scenario.  Ensure you have blankets, extra jackets, flashlights, and non-perishable food items for human passengers, as well as supplies for your pet in case of an emergency.

Travel on days that are less busy

As opposed to flying, travelers heading out onto the open road might have a little more flexibility with their plans. If this is the case and you’re traveling with your pet, consider hitting the road on a day where there are less travelers clogging the highways.  


Also, think about giving yourself some extra time and padding your schedule. This will take the pressure off in case extra rest stops are needed or if you need to take some time to let your pet get out and stretch their legs for a bit.

Have your car checked out

Finally, a good rule of thumb when preparing for a long drive with or without your pets is to get your car checked out, and make sure all is operational and in working order. The last thing anyone wants is to have their plans ruined with car problems. Scheduling a quick inspection and service visit will help you keep your holiday merry and bright!

Travel Safely in Raleigh, NC

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