A car grants you access to an endless list of summertime activities. But you don’t need to actually put your car in drive to enjoy all that it has to offer. Below are 10 summer activities you can do in your car without ever leaving the driveway. 

Have a date night

Forget expensive restaurants and crowded movie theaters. Pack a picnic meal and hang out in your car listening to some music, gazing at the stars, or watching a movie. 

Camp out or grill

Open up the tailgate for seating or shelf space and use a portable fire pit to roast some marshmallows (at a safe distance from the car of course). Or fire up a grill and throw on some hot dogs while listening to music from your car. 

Learn about astronomy

Grab a telescope and a map of the sky, and open up the moonroof or just lay back on your hood to see what you remember from that high school astronomy class. 

Listen to the ballgame

Nothing says summer like a baseball game on a radio. So tune in, sit back, and soak in the sounds of our national pastime. 

Learn to fix it

You don’t need to drive anywhere to learn how to perform some basic auto repairs. Just pop the hood, dig out your repair manual, and see what you can learn. 


Have a summer reading list? A car offers a quiet and comfortable place to take in a good book. 

Build a fort

Shift some seats around and hang some blankets in the windows for a fort that your kids (and let’s face it — you too) will enjoy.

Make a lemonade stand

Lemonade stands are a staple of summer. Gather some lemons, pop the liftgate, and use the rear of the vehicle for your stand. 

Play cards

Grab a deck of cards and three of your buddies or family members and get a game going. 

Do some birdwatching

Believe it or not, a car is actually a great place to do some birdwatching. You’re surrounded by windows, and since the birds won’t know you’re there, you won’t scare them away. See how many different species you can identify in your own neighborhood. 

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