Summer is here which means school is out and it’s time to schedule your next family vacation. Before you hit the road, however, take a minute to consider the following tips to keep you and your family safe this summer.

Summer Driving Tips

Prep Your Car for Summer

Tire blowouts are a real concern during summer months. According to AAA, the hot weather outside causes the air inside your tires to expand which can cause a blowout if your tires are overinflated or overly worn. Check your tires regularly or consider replacing your tires if the tread appears light.

Other proactive measures to consider would be to test your car battery so you aren’t stranded at a rest stop in the sweltering heat. Also, check your compressor and HVAC system to ensure your air conditioning is ready for the coming summer months ahead.

Plan for Unexpected Delays

Summer roads are often congested due to summer vacations from school, wedding season, travel plans, and family road trips. Summer is also a popular time for construction and road repair.

Heavier traffic and construction can lead to unexpected delays which can tempt drivers into driving more aggressively to avoid being late for their travel plans. Restless and anxious passengers can lead to restless and anxious drivers. To minimize this risk, provide plenty of wiggle room in your schedule to arrive at your destination on time without having to drive erratically. Keep a snack and easy entertainment on hand for little passengers in the event that you find yourself stuck in traffic longer than expected.

Share the Road

With summer comes a variety of visitors who are unfamiliar with your town or city who may have a difficult time navigating the roads. Runners, cyclists, and motorcycles will be out in greater numbers meaning you’ll need to pay extra attention to avoid collisions. Teen drivers who are out on summer break have much less experience on the road than seasoned drivers and may be at higher risk of collisions or accidents. Pay attention to the cars, pedestrians, and cyclists around you so you can respond quickly if the need arises.

Kia Services in Raleigh, NC

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